No more endless apartment hunting – buy a home with Your German Mortgage

No more endless apartment hunting – buy a home with Your German Mortgage


Picture this: It's cold, it's windy, it's raining. You're standing in a queue, 10 people in front of you and 10 people behind, all clutching the same identical piece of paper. Sound familiar? Yes, you´re viewing an apartment to rent and in the pit of your stomach you're thinking, “I ain’t going to get this one either.”

What are your options? You could turn up again next week - probably to the same scenario - or you could buy an apartment.

Let’s talk about buying a property in Germany

Your first thought might be: I can't afford it. I might only be here for five years. I don't want to be in debt.

But chances are, you probably can afford it. Think about it this way: you are about to commit yourself to paying a monthly rent that is likely much higher than your mortgage payment would be. You can always sell or rent out the property. And, given the strong and stable property market in Germany, the value of your home will be higher than your debt.  

Is this something that you would like to investigate further? Talk to Your German Mortgage and tell them more about your plans. It's completely free.

Your German Mortgage – so much more than a mortgage broker

Your German Mortgage is not only a mortgage broker – they are independent consultants from Germany´s biggest independent financial advisory firm MLP, who are offering a free service to young academics and professionals all over Germany.

With branches conveniently located in cities all over Germany, MLP’s experienced English-speaking consultants are perfectly prepared for the needs of foreign real estate buyers and can guide you through the entire mortgage process. You need experience. They have it.

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How much can I afford?

People often don't buy property because they think they can't afford it. We want to demonstrate that this might be a misconception. Never disregard something until you have all the facts.

As a rule of thumb, 100 times your net monthly salary is the maximum mortgage amount banks would lend to you. For example, if you earn a net salary of 2.500 euros, you can multiply that by 100 to get a maximum mortgage value of 250.000 euros.

What documents do I need?

Of course, you will need to provide some income documentation before the bank will approve your mortgage. The basics include the following:

  • If you are employed - 3 payslips
  • If you are self-employed - 3 years track record

If you can provide the above, you are already halfway there!

No Personal Data grabbing

We're a bit old-fashioned when it comes to sending and storing personal data via the internet. That’s why we don’t ask you to provide personal information online, such as details about your income, investment amounts and down payments.

All you need to do to get the conversation started is provide us with some information about your intended purchase. We appreciate that, when you're buying a property, there is no time to waste, so let us prove how fast and reliable our service is.

And again, it's free – no hidden costs and fees.



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