Take advantage of subsidies to buy a property with help from Your German Mortgage

Take advantage of subsidies to buy a property with help from Your German Mortgage


Are you interested in purchasing a property directly from a developer? Did you know that the German government offers various loans and subsidies to purchasers of newbuild and energy-efficient properties? Your German Mortgage can help you navigate this complicated process and fulfil your dream of owning your own home. 

German government subsidies: In a nutshell

Since July 2021, buyers of newbuild housing in Germany have had access to very favourable loans and direct grants from the German government, provided certain criteria are met. If eligible, you could qualify for a number of schemes, including: 

Subsidised loans

The German government is offering subsidised loans (0,76 percent APR) to support people who want to buy, renovate, or build energy-efficient properties. Up for grabs is up to 150.000 euros per housing unit for homes that meet certain energy efficiency criteria. 

Repayment subsidy

More interesting than the loan is the repayment subsidy. The German government is offering a repayment subsidy of between 15 and 50 percent (up to 60.000 euros) per unit for new development properties that meet certain energy efficiency criteria, or for individual renovation measures such as insulation or revamping heating systems.

You receive this grant as a lump sum - either to help you repay your loan, or to help you pay construction work invoices directly. 

Additional funding possibilities

You may also be able to get extra cash for other items, such as construction supervision. In order to prove that your home's construction (or individual measures) meet energy efficiency criteria, you need to hire an energy consultant. The government will also subsidise the costs of this expert - up to 5.000 euros for a single-family house and up to 2.000 euros for a condominium.

Your German Mortgage will gladly introduce you to English-speaking energy experts and help you recoup a portion of the costs.  

Get advice and support from Your German Mortgage

Your German Mortgage is a qualified consulting and application service for subsidised loans from the German government. They can advise you on these government grants - even if you’re an expat - and help you incorporate them into your funding package for a property purchase. 

Best of all, their service is entirely free, as they collect all costs from the other side. Their hundreds of positive reviews on Google speak for themselves. 

Get in touch today to see how you could benefit from these subsidy programmes. 



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