For sale: The smallest house in Bremen

For sale: The smallest house in Bremen

The smallest house in Bremen has gone on sale for 11.111 euros per square metre. The house is over 100 years old and has already garnered a long list of hopeful house hunters.

Living small

Over 100 years old and with a land area of just seven square metres, the smallest house in Bremen has been listed online and can be yours for just a meagre 77.777 euros, plus a six percent buyers commission. The single-storey house is located in Bremen’s old town and boasts four square metres of living space, as well as a terrace on the roof.

The price of the house was set at 77.777 euros because of its seven square metre area and the current owner is 77 years old.

According to the real estate agent, Tobias Lachmann, the house is “perhaps the oldest tiny house in Germany.” It is difficult to determine exactly how old the house is though, as the building was not considered an independent house for a long time “because it is right next to another house.” It was originally used as a utility room with a toilet.

Interested parties

The house, which is located in the Schnoor district of Bremen, has attracted a lot of interest already. More than 80 different parties have indicated their interest, according to Lachmann. Prospective buyers have suggested they want to use the house as a holiday home, an art studio and a location for a therapy practice, among other things.

A new owner will be chosen from the list of applicants in the next few weeks. “It is important to the owner that the buyer fits the property and knows how to appreciate it,” said Lachmann.

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