Start your new year right: Switch to one of o2’s flexible internet plans

Start your new year right: Switch to one of o2’s flexible internet plans


Whether it’s for communicating with friends and family back home, working remotely, or just kicking back with a movie on a lazy afternoon, a good internet connection is something every expat in Germany needs. 

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done, and plenty of expats struggle with lagging connections, confusing and inflexible tariffs, or long setup times that leave new arrivals without a connection for weeks. If your situation is less than ideal, perhaps it’s time to make a change. 

o2 brings high speed internet to more households than any other provider in Germany

o2: Internet that suits you

o2 understands that every home needs an internet connection, and that every home is different. 

That’s why they’ve partnered with providers across Germany to bring you coverage and flexibility that can’t be found anywhere else, along with a transparent pricing structure with perks for both new and long-time customers - and a unique homespot product that can get you online immediately. With special discounts up for grabs, there’s never been a better time to switch. 

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The best internet availablity for your home in Germany

No other provider reaches as many households as o2. Thanks to a large number of partnerships, o2 is able to bring high-speed internet to more households than ever before via a mix of different technologies.

Not only do you get to choose your tariff and your internet speed, but also the type of connection you’d prefer (depending on the availability in your area): 

  • HomeSpot with LTE / 5G: Suitable for small households of up to two people, an o2 HomeSpot works for streaming in SD and HD, remote working and video conferencing. Best of all, you can connect immediately without needing a technical setup. 
  • DSL: If you’ve got heavier internet usage, a DSL connection is suitable for larger households and flatshares, and supports extensive streaming in SD, HD and UHD, gaming, home working and video conferencing. 
  • Cable: Also suitable for large households and flatshares, cable has got you covered when it comes to streaming in SD, HD and UHD, and is also great for video conferencing and home working. 
  • Fibre optic: The “gold standard” of internet connections, fibre optic can more than cope with the internet needs of larger households and flatshares, including extensive streaming in SD, HD and UHD, home working and video conferencing. 

No other provider in Germany has such a large range of options when it comes to connections. This is why o2 is able to offer high-speed internet to more addresses than other providers - and why both the DSL and HomeSpot products have been rated “very good” by the trade journal Connect. No laggy video calls, no endless movie buffering - just you using the internet the way you need. 

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Find your perfect plan

If you’re not sure what kind of technology you need - or want to check what’s available - o2 can help you find your best plan in just a few simple steps. 

Enter your address

First things first, you need to check what the options are in your area. From the o2 website, enter your German address and a few details about your household and internet usage. 

Check your options

o2 will automatically bring up all the available options in your area, along with an estimate of the maximum internet speed you could get. You can compare all of the offers directly to find the tariff that best suits you. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that o2 will provide you with top technology and top service. 

Pick your plan

Once you’ve made your choice, you can process your order online. If you’ve recently moved into a new place, o2 can arrange for your internet to be set up. If you were previously with a different provider, staff will be happy to help you switch. If you’ve been with your previous provider for more than 24 months, you can switch to o2 at any time. 

Why switch to o2?

From its unsurpassed network offering to its transparent pricing structure, there are many reasons why you’ll be glad you switched to o2: 

Higher internet speeds, at more addresses

o2 uses partnerships across Germany to help get their customers online with the whole range of technologies available, including DSL, cable, fibre optic and LTE / 5G. This means they’re able to offer higher internet speeds to more addresses than any other provider. 

Get online immediately o2 homespot

The o2 HomeSpot has the unique advantage of being the only comprehensive fixed network replacement product on the German market that supports both LTE and 5G - including making calls - and you can get online immediately. Simply take out a contract, connect the device, and you’re ready to go.


Transparent pricing, tempting perks

o2’s prices are based on the principle that the basic fees should always be cheap and transparent, while the discounts should be as varied as their customers. That means price reductions for new customers, young people and pensioners, as well as lifelong savings for o2 customers. 

All o2 internet tariffs have a uniform structure to allow you to quickly and easily compare them. No confusing jargon. No hidden fees. And right now you can save on new packages with up to 20 euros off your monthly tariff for the first 12 months

Landline included

If you’re not just looking for internet but also a combined internet and phone package, then o2 is the perfect provider for you. All o2 internet packages also include a flat rate to the German landline network. 

You can also add an o2 mobile phone tariff to your internet package and save on monthly fees. 

o2 TV packages

Looking for the full package? You can add o2 TV packages, including over 100 TV channels and the best from Sky Ticket, to your plan. With o2 TV, you can stream on up to four devices at the same time, and pause, restart and even record broadcasts.

Ready to make the switch?

Get this year off to the best of starts by switching to one of o2’s flexible internet packages. Start by entering your details into the o2 tariff finder, and they’ll take it from there. 



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