Where to find most expensive properties in Germany

Where to find most expensive properties in Germany

What’s your New Year’s resolution going to be? Maybe you want to move on to a better job, or perhaps you want to move into a nicer place in 2022. If you’re thinking along the same lines as the latter, then why not check out the properties below? Of course, you’ll need to have a few million euros lying around!

The most expensive apartments in Germany

A study by real estate platform Immowelt has revealed where you can find the most expensive properties in the whole of Germany. Between January and November 2021, Immowelt analysed the asking prices of properties in Germany to discern the most expensive abodes money can buy - so bear in mind that many of these properties could sell (or have sold) for even more than the asking price.

The single most expensive flat that went on sale in 2021 in Germany can be found in Hamburg. The penthouse apartment is situated in the city's affluent Uhlenhorst district and cost a staggering 8,9 million euros. It can be found on the banks of the Außenalster, boasts six rooms and measures out to around 430 square metres.

A 275-square-metre flat in Frankfurt’s Grand Tower ranked as the second most expensive flat in Germany, with an asking price of 8,4 million euros. Six of the 10 most expensive flats in the country are located in Munich, the most expensive of which can be found in the Maxvorstadt district and costs 7,25 million euros.

Berlin also had a couple of flats that made it into the top 10, the most expensive of which ranked seventh on the list. It is located in the much-desired Prenzlauer Berg district and boasts 10 rooms, a wine cellar and a garden, and would set you back around 6,3 million euros.

Living in luxury

Are you looking to buy a house and have an eye-watering 14,4 million euros to spend? Then why not put in an offer for the most expensive property on Germany’s housing market? You can find the house in Munich, in the luxurious Bogenhausen borough. The house is near the Isar river and boasts 12 rooms, a roof terrace and an underground garage.

House-hunters can also find a couple of luxury houses in rural Bavaria. Coming in at third place on the list was a villa on the banks of Lake Starnberg, which has its own private jetty but would set you back a cool 12,5 million euros. If that doesn’t take your fancy, you can always check out the 12 million-euro estate on Lake Ammersee instead.

The island of Sylt in the North Sea is home to three of the 10 most expensive houses in Germany. In fact, the second most expensive house on the list can be found here, situated in the resort of Kampen and with a view over the Wadden Sea (13 million euros).

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