ZIEGERT: Your destination to buy, sell or finance real estate in Germany

ZIEGERT: Your destination to buy, sell or finance real estate in Germany


Looking to safeguard your savings in Germany through real estate? ZIEGERT is here for all your real estate and financing needs. In today’s uncertain economic climate, many people are looking for ways to increase their financial security. From savings accounts, to investing in stocks or even cryptocurrency, there are many ways to grow your assets. 

ZIEGERT can help you buy, sell or finance property in Germany. Book a non-binding consultation!

Investing in property

However, the one form of investment that has consistently stood the test of time is real estate. Investing in real estate is a great way to protect one’s assets, particularly in the face of rising inflation in Germany.

Purchasing property, whether for one’s own use or as an investment, is a major decision for anyone to make. As an expat, however, there can be an extra layer of difficulty: From overcoming the language barrier, to having limited knowledge about German real estate law and the market, there can be various hurdles. 

That is why having a trusted partner in the real estate market, who speaks your language and knows the concerns of foreign clients, is vital. This is where ZIEGERT can help. 

An integrated real estate company with 40 years of experience

As an integrated real estate company, ZIEGERT works across all stages of the value chain in the real estate industry. From the purchase of land and real estate development to financing, marketing and management, they realise the visions, demands and needs of investors, developers, business partners, sellers and buyers.

ZIEGERT has nearly 40 years of experience in the German real estate industry and is here to help all expats. They have a great reputation on the market and pride themselves on their diverse clientele, which has helped them to understand the needs and concerns of expats across the country, from Berlin to Leipzig to Frankfurt am Main.

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“Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the currently tense geopolitical situation in Europe, Berlin's real estate market is still considered a safe haven.” - Kyrill Radev, ZIEGERT Group

Tailor-made services for expats and their families

ZIEGERT assists expats with all different kinds of real estate needs: 

Buy real estate

Looking to buy a dream condominium or an investment property? From city lofts to family houses or purchasing rental apartments, your ideal property is just a few clicks away. 

Finance a property purchase

Need financing to purchase a property? Whether you are purchasing a property with ZIEGERT or looking to finance the purchase of real estate acquired elsewhere, ZIEGERT advises internationals through every step of the mortgage process.

Sell your property

Ready to sell a property in Germany? ZIEGERT has the resale expertise to sell properties quickly, professionally and for above-average proceeds. 

Get in touch for a free consultation

Contact the team at ZIEGERT today for a free, non-binding consultation! Expert real estate consultants are on hand to discuss your questions and to offer helpful advice that is guaranteed to make your journey as simple as possible. The team offers support in English, Turkish and Chinese.



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