Altonale street festival Hamburg

Altonale street festival Hamburg

May 24, 2024Jun 09, 2024
Various parts of Altona

Altonale is the largest cultural street festival in Hamburg, with over 500.000 visitors, 2.000 artists, 200 performances, 180 organisations and local businesses all coming together to make an impression on the streets of Hamburg. 

Altonale - a bustling cultural oasis

"17 days of street theatre, dance, art, film and literature!"

Altonale’s aim is to make diversity visible in the district and maintain sustainable and open networks for art and culture in the area. For 17 days each year, Hamburg’s Altona district becomes a bustling cultural oasis. Think theatre, dance, art, film and literature.


All across the district of Altona, visitors can expect everything from pop concerts and street theatre to pop-up galleries and children’s fun clubs. The streets will be lined with stalls, gazebos and stages of all different sizes.

Since the Altonale takes place over 17 days, there are certain days in which events overlap with other festivals. One example of this is the STAMP International Street Art Festival, in which dance performances and spontaneous theatre spectacles take place in sometimes surprising locations. Altonale culminates in a large-scale flea market with live acts on its final weekend.

Altona Hamburg

About Hamburg's Altona district

Altona was once a bustling city in its own right and was under Danish rule. It became part of Hamburg in 1938. Its late integration into the city of Hamburg means that, to this day, it still retains its own distinctive character.

Plan your visit to Altonale

Take public transport to Altonale. You can get there by S-Bahn S3, S31 or U-Bahn U3 or bus 37, 111, 112, 37, or 35. Of course, you can also get there by train. Keep an eye on the Altonale website for the most up-to-date programme information.