Asphalt Summer Arts Festival

Asphalt Summer Arts Festival

Jun 23, 2022Jul 10, 2022
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The annual Asphalt Festival brings art to the streets and to the people. Also known as Düsseldorf’s “Summer Festival of the Arts”, Asphalt Festival celebrates the best of theatre, dance, music, literature, art and performance each year by hosting a series of events throughout the city.

This year’s festival will see around 50 events, including eight world premieres, taking place across 19 days and nights – a mixture of readings, performances, concerts and offers for families by local artists in indoor and outdoor venues.

Düsseldorf’s Summer Festival of the Arts

The festival’s cross-border and cross-disciplinary element is a core part of its DNA, as Asphalt Festival aims to offer sufficient space and attention for sensual, surprising and new art experiences.

The idea behind the festival is linked to the use of different venues, which are located throughout Düsseldorf and typically include the Alte Farbwerke and Weltkunstzimmej centres, as well as the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and open-air playground in Malkastenpark. Usually, each venue has been carefully paired with every performance, show or dance in order to see how the visual art and the location enrich the overall atmosphere.

 Photo: © Asphalt Summer Arts Festival Asphalt Festival 2021

Artists at Asphalt Festival 2022

The line-up of artists at Asphalt Festival 2022 includes Wilke Dudes, Billie Kawende, Dark Noon, Terminus far from here, Desmadre Orkestra, RazgaRazga, Sistanagila feat. Liraz, Ronya Othman, Jelena Poprzan, Dramaturgy for a conference #2, Gootopia, triotry, Markus Stockhausen Group, What is worth fighting for, Frontera, Yuriy Gurzhy and more!

Asphalt Festival dance 2021

Photo: © Eva Wuerdinger, courtesy of Asphalt Summer Arts Festival

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Thumb photo: © Eva Berten, courtesy of Asphalt Summer Arts Festival