Asphalt Summer Arts Festival

Asphalt Summer Arts Festival

Jul 11, 2019Jul 21, 2019
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Asphalt Summer Arts Festival

The annual Asphalt Festival aims brings art to the streets and to the people. Also known as Düsseldorf’s “Summer Festival of the Arts”, Asphalt Festival celebrates the best of theatre, dance, music, literature, art and performance each year by hosting a series of events throughout the city.

This year’s festival will see 50 events taking place across eleven days and nights, all linked by the overarching theme of ‘Human being Human.'

Asphalt Festival Dancers

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Düsseldorf’s “Summer Festival of the Arts”

The festival’s cross-border and cross-disciplinary element is a core part of its DNA, as Asphalt Festival aims to offer sufficient space and attention for sensual, surprising and new art experiences.

The idea behind the festival is linked to the use of different venues, which are located throughout Düsseldorf and include the Alte Farbwerke and Weltkunstzimmej centres, as well as the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and open-air playground in Malkastenpark. Each venue has been carefully paired with every performance, show or dance in order to see how the visual art and the location enrich the overall atmosphere.

What's more, this year's event is set to be even more international than ever before, with artists and performers from Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands and the USA. 

Asphalt festival  Hymn to love

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Programme highlights of Asphalt Festival 2019

To mark this year’s theme of ‘Human being Human’ a number of new works are set to debut at the festival. One premiere by Düsseldorf choreographer Ben J. Riepe, opening on July 11, examines the link between individual and collective fears in the context of different political systems.

Another debut at Asphalt Festival this year is from from the Futur3 collective based in Cologne, who in their performance Post Over From! ask the audience to explore their own views and prejudices. The new work from local composer Bojan Vuletić takes the many different conflicts of humanity, such as power, powerlessness, resistance and escape, and translates them into musical form.

Other guest performances from abroad delve into current questions surrounding humanity and what is it to be human, such as the choral piece Hymn to Love from award-winning Polish director Marta Górnicka, which highlights how people can lose control and become ticking time bombs, through a unique performance by a 25-member choir.

Asphalt Festival Ghost Writer

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