Berlin Spring Festival

Berlin Spring Festival

Mar 30, 2024May 12, 2024
Reinickendorf, Zentraler Festplatz am Kurt-Schumacher-Damm
Free entrance

For those who have braved the long and dreary winter in Berlin, some sunshine and excitement is finally around the corner! This March, the annual Berlin Spring Festivals, which has been around for more than 50 years, promises to banish the winter blues with three weeks of carousels, fireworks and good cheer.

Rides and thrills for all ages at the Berlin Spring Festival

The central attraction of the Berlin Spring Festival’s carnival-like atmosphere is undoubtedly the rides - with choices such as carousels, a ghost train, and a massive Ferris wheel - catered to every age group and level of adventurousness. These rides constitute only a part of the more than 60 activities and vendors who will be present at the Berlin Spring Festival.

There will also be a party tent featuring various musical acts, and of course, a range of delicacies ranging from German food staples such as half-metre bratwursts, to traditional carnival fare such as cotton candy and roasted nuts.

Special events at the Berlin Spring Festival

In addition to the regular music, food, and other forms of entertainment, there will also be some special events throughout the Berlin Spring Festival. On each of the three Wednesdays, all the carousels and rides will be reduced to half price as part of a special promotion for families, and on two of the Saturdays at 10pm, an impressive fireworks display will light up the surroundings to announce the arrival of the spring.

Where to go

As always, the Berlin Spring Festival will take place in Reinickendorf at the Zentraler Festplatz am Kurt-Schumacher-Damm. Its proximity to Tegel Airport, one of the busiest airports in Germany, makes the Spring Festival a convenient stop-over point for many international visitors as well as locals.

For more information, including directions by public transportation, see the official Berlin visitor website.