Comic Festival Hamburg

Comic Festival Hamburg

Sep 30, 2022Oct 02, 2022
Kölibri, Gängeviertel and other venues

Comic Festival Hamburg takes place on September 30 - October 2, 2022. If you're in Hamburg and you're a fan of comic books, cartoon illustration and graphic novels, then this will be right up your alley.

Comic Festival Hamburg 

The Comic Festival Hamburg delivers a plethora of panels that will exhibit their comics. See many exhibitions by nearly 100 artists, hailing from many different countries, including Argentina, France, Great Britain, Canada, Poland, South Korea, Switzerland and Germany. Hamburg becomes the focal point of national and international comic publications.

During the festival, you can walk and stroll as much as you like between all the panels of the Comic Festival Hamburg. Shop and peruse through the many vendors and venues, and discover your new favourite comic! 

Aside from the exhibitions, Comic Festival Hamburg offers group exhibitions, events, readings, book signings, talks, workshops, children's events, guides, an industrial fair, a comic library, and much more! 

Comic Festival Hamburg venues

As well as the panel walk, the two main venues will act as the focal points of Comic Festival Hamburg:

  • Kölibri, Hein-Köllisch-Platz 12, 20359 Hamburg
  • Fabrique, Valentinskamp 34A, 20355 Hamburg

Plan your visit to Comic Festival Hamburg

Browse the Comic Festival Hamburg website to map out your walking route and also check out the Comic Festival Hamburg Facebook Page. The route will take you to many parts of Hamburg, from Altona to Neustadt and beyond.