CTM Festival

CTM Festival

Jan 26, 2024Feb 04, 2024

Calling all adventurous music fans and culture lovers! CTM Festival, based in Berlin, is dedicated to contemporary, digital and experimental music and art, is set to return for its 25th edition. 

A.fruit, © by Methlab agency ctm festival 2020

CTM Festival

The annual CTM festival comprises ten days of concerts, club nights and performances with a full daytime programme of talks, screenings workshops, networking events and exhibitions. 

The main aim of CTM Festival is to showcase the most outstanding international productions in new, experimental, electronic music and audiovisual performance, as well as to reflect on artistic, social and technical developments within music culture. The festival proposes multiple entry points into its theme by bringing together hybrid performances and challenging musical experiences. 

Afrodeutsche, © by Bhatoptics ctm festival

Emptyset, © by James Ginzburg ctm festival

Attending CTM Festival

Don't miss out on attending one of the world's leading festivals for experimental music and art. For all the details on CTM, visit the official website.

Thumb photo: Giant Swan, © Keith Leaf