Düsseldorf Frankreichfest

Düsseldorf Frankreichfest

Jul 01, 2022Jul 03, 2022
Burgplatz, Rheinuferpromenade and Rathaus, Marktpl. 2, 40213
Tickets to the courtyard from 5 euros

The Düsseldorf France Festival (Düsseldorf Frankreichfest) is set to host its 20th edition this summer, as the city celebrates its friendly relationship with “La Grande Nation.”

Usually occurring on or around Bastille Day, the annual festival in the Old Town and Rhine area includes a full weekend of live music, French delicacies and a colourful, French-themed programme.

Düsseldorf’s own La Grande Fête Française

Every year since 2000, the city of Düsseldorf has transformed the town hall courtyard into its very own petit Paris, decorating everything in red, white and blue. Over the years the festival has become increasingly popular, as it creates the special atmosphere of the national French holiday with the city’s own francophone community.

Various food, drink and craft stalls are set up in the old town and along the banks of the Rhine, offering different French gourmet specialities. A traditional French weekly market offers visitors everything from special cheeses and meats to pâtés, bread and crepes, while French regional winemakers present their finest vintages.

This year’s Düsseldorf France Festival features an extensive entertainment programme throughout the weekend, including live performances from several French bands.

Visit the Düsseldorf France Festival

Keen on attending the 20th edition of the Düsseldorf France Festival? Then be sure to purchase your tickets to the Rathaus city hall courtyard from tourist information.

For more details on the festival’s full programme visit the official Düsseldorf Frankreichfest website.