Free Women’s Coding Day in Munich with Le Wagon

Free Women’s Coding Day in Munich with Le Wagon

Nov 12, 2022
Le Wagon Campus, Balanstraße 73, Haus 21A, 81541
Free (registration required)

Join this free Women’s Coding Day in Munich, brought to you by Le Wagon, to take your first steps into the world of tech. At this half-day workshop, you will meet other female coders and learn to unleash the power of APIs to build your first prototype. 

Supporting women in tech

Many of us are aware that the tech industry is male-dominated. But did you know that originally it was women pioneering this field? Women have long been heavily involved in coding and computer programming. During World War II, the quotas for women in STEM went up to 75 percent, but their work was not fully recognised and was described only as “secretarial”. 

With the end of the war, things “went back to normal” and far more men graduated from computer science courses than women. While women moved back in the ranks, their work remains vitally important for today’s world. 

Today, roughly 26 percent of tech-related jobs are held by women - a shockingly low number, considering where it all started. That makes it more important than ever to increase diversity by supporting women and other minorities to join the tech industry.

Change your life, learn to code

This is why Le Wagon started its Women’s Coding Days. The next event takes place in Munich - and anyone who’s interested is invited!

  • What: Free coding workshop for women
  • When: Saturday, November 12, 10am-2pm
  • Where: Le Wagon Campus, Balanstraße 73, Haus 21A, 81541 Munich
  • Cost: Free (registration required)

le wagon women's coding day munich

The Le Wagon Women's Coding Day in Munich is a morning full of coding dedicated to all women who want to gain coding skills. If you are interested or know women who want to know how to code, this is the place! The team of female teachers will assist you during this workshop on APIs and building your first prototype.

It is a great opportunity to take your first steps in coding together with other women who share your passion and interest. 

About the workshop

The workshop will start with a lecture and afterwards, you will have the opportunity to start coding your own landing page with the assistance of the teachers.

The workshop is split into several parts:

  1. Unleash the power of APIs and Webhooks: You will learn the basics of APIs (such as Mapbox, Twilio, and Open Data APIs), Webhooks (such as Mailchimp, Shopify, and Stripe), and how to use these to quickly prototype a product with no code.
  2. Dive into web scraping: This part will show you how to gather all the information you need for a website, which will allow you to extract data from any website’s HTML.
  3. Your turn: With the help of Le Wagon teachers you can create your own Webhooks and connectings to build your own CRM tool.

The workshop is completely free but places need to be reserved in advance, so sign up now to secure your spot

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With this expansion, Le Wagon has helped over 15.000 developers, data scientists, designers, and entrepreneurs start successful careers in tech. Eight years on, the school continues to inspire tech enthusiasts to forge their path in the industry. 

If you can’t make the Women’s Coding Day in Munich or want to learn something different, check out all of Le Wagon’s upcoming events on coding and pick the ones that suit you best!