Freiburg Wine Festival

Freiburg Wine Festival

Jun 30, 2022Jul 05, 2022
Münsterplatz, 79098
Freiburg im Breisgau
Free admission

Revel in the wine and cuisine of Baden at the Freiburg Wine Festival from June 30 until July 5. The square around Freiburg Minister will be dedicated to Baden wine for six days.

The Baden lifestyle

Freiburg is a lovely German city that is perfect for foodies. Packed with hearty German cuisine and outstanding regional wines, along with the sunniest weather in Germany, this city is a great place for a summer wine festival. For nature lovers, Freiburg is located in the middle of the Black Forrest, with many small parks and gardens to relax in.

Baden is a German state in southwest Germany with its borders touching France and Switzerland, and this region is famous for the Black Forrest, evergreen scenery, and traditional villages. The capital of the Baden region is Stuttgart, a few hours outside of Freiburg. 


Some of the wineries that will be offering their finest wines are:

  • Martin Faber Winery
  • Winery G. Gottschalk
  • Winery Manuel Hercher
  • Edwin Baumann Winery
  • Landman Winery
  • Sonnenbrunnen Winery
  • State Winery Freiburg

Relaxing at the Freiburg Wine Festival

If you’re interested in sampling some of the Baden lifestyle, head over to the Freiburg Wine Festival official website to see more information about the event, and how to access the location via public transportation.