Garten Munich

Garten Munich

Feb 28, 2024Mar 03, 2024
Messe Munich, Messegelände, 81829
15 euros.
Free for children under 12

Join fellow greenery lovers at Garten Munich, the biggest indoor garden fair in southern Germany. Part of the International Craft Fair (Internationale Handwerksmesse) taking place in the city of Munich, this fair is perfect for those who have excellent green thumbs or those who long to.

Gardening A to Z at Garten Munich

There’s nothing new about Germans and their love for housing, greenery and gardening, and you can learn more about this popular hobby at the fair, from planning to maintaining and completing a healthy garden. 

Garten München planting

Garden professionals will show and explain how to get started with gardening, introduce new trends on landscaping, and offer inspiration. And if you think planting flowers and vegetables is all that there is, you would be very wrong. The fair offers experts from every single corner of the gardening and landscaping world, from roof terrace constructions, architecture, greenhouses, swimming pools, ponds and more.

Activities and events for all

Even if you’re not into all that greenery, there will still be something worth the visit. What is a garden without a great barbecue session? The Bavarian BBQ Week will offer various workshops in which visitors can learn how to properly barbecue everything, try out new tools, techniques, styles and recipes. You can expect to find forums throughout the fair, dealing with popular issues like current trends, gardening Feng-Shui and even some live shows by florists.

Attending the Garten Munich

Since the fairgrounds are expected to be quite busy and full, it would be recommended to take public transportation. For more information and tickets on Garten Munich, visit the official website