Gelato Week Germany

Gelato Week Germany

Apr 18, 2024Apr 24, 2024
Various gelaterias throughout Germany
A special gelato flavour for only 1,50 euros a scoop

Get ready to witness the evolution of the event that signs the beginning of the Gelato season every year in April!

From Berlin Ice Cream Week to Gelato Week Germany

For the past four years, the Berlin Ice Cream Week has been capturing the attention of all ice cream enthusiasts in the city. But hold onto your cones, because this year, the excitement is reaching new heights as the event transforms into Gelato Week Germany! That's right! After captivating Berlin for years, Gelato Week is expanding its horizons. This time, it's not just about Berlin; it's about the entire nation indulging in the creamy goodness of artisanal gelato.


Over 150 ice cream shops are participating

With over 50 ice cream shops participating in Berlin alone, Gelato Week is spreading its wings to include an additional 130 ice cream shops across five other regions of Germany: the Black Forest region, Voralpenland, Rhein-Main, North Rhine-Westphalia and Münsterland. From the vibrant streets of Berlin to the serene landscapes of the Black Forest and beyond, Gelato Week Germany is bringing the magic of experimental flavours to every corner of the country. And with each participating gelateria crafting its own unique flavour masterpiece, the excitement knows no bounds.

A unique flavour for just 1,50 euros per scoop

Here's the twist: every gelateria will offer its unique flavour for just 1,50 euros per scoop throughout the entire week! So, mark your calendars for April 18 to 24 and prepare to start the ultimate gelato adventure.

With Gelato Week Germany, the thrill of discovering new flavours and supporting local artisans has never been sweeter. Get ready to scoop up happiness from Berlin to beyond!