Hannover International Firework Competition

Hannover International Firework Competition

Aug 24, 2019Aug 25, 2019
Herrenhausen Gardens, Herrenhäuser Straße 4, 30419
Tickets from 21 euros

Hannover International Firework Competition

Leading international pyrotechnicians are set to go head to head once more at the 29th edition of the International Firework Competition, presenting awe-inspiring firework displays over the romantic and baroque setting of the royal Herrenhausen Gardens in Hannover.

One of the most prestigious competitions of its kind in the world, the International Firework Competition sees five of the world’s top pyrotechnicians from around the world light up the sky as they compete to be crowned the winner.

International Firework Competition

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Magic fireworks over the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

On five different summer evenings, between May and September, five international teams showcase their talents, creating beautiful firework displays: one to a piece of music and the other as an individual free display. 

Altogether, some 55.000 visitors are expected to attend the 29th International Firework Competition. Each of the teams delivers their own fantastic flight of fancy, lighting up the skies with flames in time to preselected musical tracks. 

Prior to each show, attendees also enjoy a programme of live music, performance art and delicious culinary delicacies from the competing country. Previous winners include pyrotechnicians from Norway, Poland, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland.

In 2019 competition dates and teams are:

  • May 18 - France
  • June 1 - Brazil
  • August 24 - Italy
  • September  7 - Czech Republic
  • September  21- Japan 

International Firework Competition Hannover

 © Christoph Maier,

Team Italy - Pirotecnica Vaccalluzzo Antonino lights up the sky 

On August 24, Team Italy will be dazzling visitors with their spectacular show. The motto of the Sicilian Team, the Pirotecnica Vaccalluzzo Antonino, is “to inspire the audience” which they will certainly do. Linking old Sicilian traditions with modern technical aspects, the team has achieved many victories in several international competitions. 

Every firework show they create pays attention to the tiniest details to express emotions, and their display over the night sky at Herrenhausen Gardens will be no different.

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