IamExpat Webinar: How to invest in off-market real estate in Germany

IamExpat Webinar: How to invest in off-market real estate in Germany

May 17, 2022
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The next IamExpat Webinar is presented by Raul Ladrero from InmoVidaInvest, on May 17 at 6pm. Register now (it’s free!) to learn more about investing in real estate and taking advantage of off-market opportunities. 

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Learn about investing in off-market properties in Germany

Looking to invest in real estate in Germany? There are two ways to invest: one is to go online and search for properties, and the other is to make use of networks and access investments that are not advertised online. 

Join this free webinar to learn from Raul Ladrero about the process of investing in real estate in Germany, the financial requirements, the documents needed, and the networks you need to know about to take advantage of off-market opportunities. 

About your speaker

Raul Ladrero has lived and worked in three countries: Spain, the UK and Germany. At some point he started to wonder, "Where do I belong?” and chose to settle in Germany. 

For more than 5 years, he has been helping people invest in off-market real estate opportunities in Germany. He previously wrote the ebook, How to Find Profitable OFF-MARKET Real Estate Deals in Germany in 3 Steps. 

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Participating couldn't be simpler: all you have to do is register for the webinar (free) and join a few minutes before 4pm on March 25. No downloads or software installations needed! You can also confirm your attendance on Facebook to join the conversation. 

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