Indianer Inuit: The North America Film Festival

Indianer Inuit: The North America Film Festival

Jan 30, 2023Feb 08, 2023
Various locations
Tickets 5 euros
Festival pass 50 euros

Get a closer look at the world and visions of the Inuit at the Indianer Inuit: The North America Film Festival, this February in the city of Stuttgart.

Europe's first and only Inuit film festival

The unique film event started in 2004 and is a one of a kind in Europe, showcasing full length features, shorts, documentaries, animations and music videos made by Native American writers, directors and actors. Expect to witness firsthand the unique culture and lifestyles of the Inuit, and also the gripping reality of their daily lives facing climate change.

The film festival was inspired by Michael Smith, founder and director of the American Indian Film Institute and American Indian Film Festival. His dream and goal was to celebrate indigenous filmmakers and shed new light on the somewhat stereotypical perspective of such artworks and artists, until his untimely death in 2018.

His daughter Mytia Zavala continued her father’s dream by bringing his passion and zeal to Europe, starting the first European film event to celebrate the Inuit in Stuttgart in 2004.

A diverse festival programme

Now in its 17th edition, the theme of this year's festival is “More Than Leather and Feather”. The festival will introduce more than 50 films and music videos, along with workshops, interviews and meet and greets with artists. In line with the festival's goal to make Inuit films accessible to fresh European eyes, many of the them have never been shown this side of the Atlantic. 

The programme will indeed be diverse in length and style, ranging from documentaries and animations to drama and music videos, all touching a similar theme of traditions, beauty, diversity, family and life. The majority of the films are shown in English, or with English subtitles, but make sure to double-check the programme before booking tickets. 

Music, in particular, will be an ongoing theme throughout the festival, with a special competitive category for music videos, special documentaries dealing with traditional Inuit music and the effects it has on the overall lifestyle and culture.

Attending Indianer Inuit: The North America Film Festival

For more details on the Indianer Inuit: The North America Film Festival, including a full festival programme, information on purchasing tickets, and instructions on how to get to the venues via public transportation, visit the North America Film Festival website