International Museum Day

International Museum Day

May 15, 2022
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A world without museums would be a sad one indeed - and The International Museum Day aims to prove just that. Held every year since 1978 by the International Community of Museums (ICOM), this event highlights the role museums play in "enriching society, promoting cultural exchange, and allowing for mutual understanding among peoples."

What can you expect at International Museum Day?

International Museum Day, celebrated for the 45rd time in 2022, consists of more than 35.000 museums participating from approximately 145 countries. 

In Germany, around 6.500 museums take part, supported by the President of the Federal Assembly. Usually the day sees museums hosting special events, guided tours, workshops and talks, allowing visitors to discover the gems of their diverse collections and their cultural significance.

Theme of International Museum Day 2022

Each year, the International Music Day has a different topic of focus. This topic usually illuminates different aspects of museum work and the thematic diversity of the museum landscape, as well as addressing current issues.

This year's declared topic is: The Museum for All – Museums for Diversity and Inclusion. With this theme, the ICOM aims to promote respectful social interaction and open up different perspectives. 

Attending International Museum Day

Head over to the official website of International Museum Day for an overview of all the museums participating in this event.