International Weeks Against Racism - Stuttgart

International Weeks Against Racism - Stuttgart

Mar 11, 2024Apr 24, 2024
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To celebrate March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the city of Stuttgart is arranging a two-week event called Action Weeks Against Racism (Aktionswochen gegen Rassismus) to supplement the International Weeks Against Racism events worldwide. With worrisome incidents of racism and discrimination on the rise across the country, the event is an opportunity to learn more about the current climate and prevent such unfortunate occurrences. 


Under the theme “Patronage”, participants get to learn more about racism and discrimination and how to take decisive action and speak out against racism. 

With more than 60 partners from Stuttgart and the surrounding area involved, the event is expected to shed light on the importance of this subject, and offer ideas and inspiration for dealing with it, overcoming it, and making future generations aware of its importance.

A big programme for younger minds

The event also focuses on the younger minds and has a programme prepared for designated schools. Examples of these are special lessons, film screenings, workshops and school projects where students can interact with subjects like racism, gender diversity, bullying and hate crimes.

Workshop International Weeks Against Racism Stuttgart

The morning hours are dedicated to schools, while the afternoons and evenings will include training events, specialist workshops, readings and concerts, focused on employers, employees, companies, public offices and both public and private clubs. For instance, a workshop will explain perspectives on everyday school life and school structures, and how racism is presented in these scenarios.

Attending International Weeks Against Racism in Stuttgart

For more information on the event, visit the official Action Weeks Against Racism website.