Knotenpunkt Art Festival

Knotenpunkt Art Festival

Sep 18, 2020Sep 27, 2020
Affenfaust Galerie, Paul-Roosen-Straße 43, 22767
Tickets from 6 euros

Every autumn, the city of Hamburg transforms into a vibrant, international hub of urban and street art. Taking place for the seventh time this year, the Knotenpunkt Art Festival has expanded beyond its original concept of showcasing urban art, travelling as far as the cities of Berlin, Vienna, Cologne and Leipzig before returning home to Hamburg.

Urban and Street Art comes together 

Drawing in over 18.000 visitors to each edition, the core of the Knotenpunkt Art Festival takes place at the Affenfaust Gallery in St. Pauli and the factory halls of the Altonaer Kolbenhof. Over 40 international artists exhibit their work across more than 1.000 square metres, taking over facades and setting up installations in nearby public spaces as well.

Expect to see some thrilling contemporary art exhibitions, temporary installations and performances throughout the festival. Over the years Knotenpunkt has become primarily known for the enormous murals created by artists such as Darko Caramello and NYCHOS on the streets of Hamburg during the festival, despite the ever-changing German weather.

Art, music, film and more at Knotenpunkt

The Knotenpunkt Art Festival transforms the Heiligengeistfeld district into an artist’s village, where visitors can explore art, film, music and special installations curated by gallery owners Marcus Schild and Frederik Schäfer, who will showcase the multifarious forms of contemporary art.  

Attending Knotenpunkt Art Festival 

The easiest way to get to the Affenfaust gallery is via public transport - although we recommend walking to enjoy some of the street art as well. For more details on the full programme, or to purchase your tickets, visit the official Knotenpunkt Festival website.