Light Festival: Christmas at the Tierpark

Light Festival: Christmas at the Tierpark

Nov 15, 2023Jan 14, 2024
Am Tierpark 125, 10319

Experience Christmas time anew at the famous Tierpark in Berlin, at the wintery light festival Weihnachten im Tierpark. Thousands of lights will brighten up the park, wrapping Europe’s biggest landscaped park and historic castle with festive magic.

Photo: © Weihnachten im Tierpark Light festival in Tierpark

A new, unique Christmas experience at Tierpark

You are invited to take a stroll through this vibrantly illuminated fairytale winter wonderland. The new romantic and intimate light festival aims to unite a broad audience with contemporary light art. The castle (a must-see attraction in Berlin) and the park's flora and fauna are all immersed in a blanket of colour and lights, designed to transport you to a Christmas paradise. 

The light festival Christmas at the Tierpark begins with a stroll through the lively illuminated plant kingdom, past a number of sparkling light installations into the unique and bright fire garden. See imaginative animal figures composed of innumerable, tiny light-emitting diodes and an infinite number of stars. 

Photo: © Weihnachten im Tierpark Light installation Weihnachten Tierpark

See Tierpark illuminated like never before 

After your tour of the light festival, why not warm up by sampling some of the delicious regional dishes and German beer on offer, or snuggle up by a crackling fire? For the more adventurous spirits, there is ice-skating on the rink by the castle, free of charge for those with a ticket to Christmas at the Tierpark. 

Designed for the whole family to enjoy a festive evening in the run-up to the national holiday, the Weihnachten im Tierpark takes place no matter what the weather, so we advise you dress warmly. We also recommend travelling by public transport to the park when possible, as parking spaces are limited! (This means you can drink more mulled wine!) 

Photo: © Weihnachten im Tierpark Weihnachten Tierpark ice skating

Planning your visit to Christmas at Tierpark Light Festival 

Christmas in Tierpark is open from 5pm to 10pm, with the last admission at 8.30pm. For more details on this light festival, information on the installations, safety regulations and family tickets, head over to the Weihnachten im Tierpark website.

Thumb photos: © Weihnachten im Tierpark