Maidult - Spring Auer Dult Fair Munich

Maidult - Spring Auer Dult Fair Munich

Apr 27, 2024May 05, 2024
Mariahilfplatz, 81541

Maidult is the oldest and largest spring market that occurs each year on the Mariahilfplatz in Munich. Typically taking place over the last weekend of April to the first weekend in May, it can be translated as “May fair”.

Maidult – the first Auer Dult of the year

The Auer Dult is a city fair that takes place three times a year in the district of Au in Munich, hence word the “Auer” in the event’s title. Dult is derived from an old German word for observance.

The Auer Dult goes back a long way and was first mentioned in written history in 1310. The three versions of Auer Dult are: 

The timings of the festivals are based on the church calendar, but nowadays the Auer Dult is a thoroughly secular event for everyone and anyone to enjoy jumble sales, street performers, food stalls and funfair rides.

Maidult spring market and funfair in Munich

Compared with Oktoberfest and Munich Spring Festival, Maidult is a much calmer event that is oriented around flea markets and funfair rides, rather than German beer and loud boisterous music – though visitors can, of course, find beer, German food and live music during the festivities.

The flea market is renowned as the largest pottery fair in Europe, where you can find everything from fine china and porcelain to earthenware plant pots. Visitors can discover many fascinating curiosities, from old books to antique paintings and prints, as well as traditional Bavarian clothing.


Visitors young and old can have endless hours of enjoyment on the funfair rides at Maidult, including bumper cars, merry-go-rounds and “chairoplanes”. Young children can even watch puppet shows and go on pony rides.

Plan your visit to Maidult

Maidult takes place from April 27 to May 5, 2024. The flea market stalls are open 10am-8pm and the entertainment kicks off at 10.30am and lasts until 8pm each day. Tuesdays are children's days, with reduced prices on entertainment for the kids.