Oldtimer Grand Prix - Hamburg

Oldtimer Grand Prix - Hamburg

Sep 07, 2019Sep 08, 2019
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Oldtimer Grand Prix - Hamburg

Did you know that Hamburg has it's very own vintage vehicle race? Known as the New-Stadtpark Revival, aka the Oldtimer Grand Prix, the annual race features over 14 different classes, covering everything from '03 - ’49 motorcycles to ‘63 - ’76 Formula V cars!

Hamburg Stadtpark Revival

The original Stadtparkrennen Races

A tribute to the historical races that took place in the heyday of Hamburg motorsports in the city park from 1934 to 1952, (the Internationales Hamburger Stadtparkrennen), this modern-day event emulates the spirit of the famous Formula One races in Monaco.

Lovers of classic cars and motorcycles are sure to feel right at home in the new city Nord location, where the event was moved to in 2017 after 17 years at the historic course in the park. Vehicles eligible for driving in the races include historic cars, motorcycles and teams up to 1980, as well as racing cars up to 1986. The number of participants in each class is also limited to help ensure swift races.

Oldtimer races in Hamburg

Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the 1,6-kilometre racetrack from the numerous pedestrian galleries and bridges that surround the area. In addition to watching the races, spectators are also invited to come to inspect the vehicles and share knowledge, tips and tricks at the adjacent Oldtimerparkplatz.

Numerous stands offering food and drinks are set up across the location to provide all the sustenance you will need for a long weekend of high-revving engines, screeching tyres and cheering. 

Hamburg Stadtpark Revival

Attending the New-Stadtpark Revival

Don’t forget to bring your earplugs or ear-muffs along for this racing event! Visitors are advised to use public transport to get to the race, but if you are keen to show off your own old timer then there is a classic car parking lot available, free of charge! Drivers of vintage vehicles are also entitled to discounted entry fees.

For all the details on the race programme and to book your tickets, visit the official Stadtpark Revival website

Images credit: Sebastian Koppehel [CC BY 4.0]