Nuremberg Folk Festival - Spring Edition

Nuremberg Folk Festival - Spring Edition

Mar 30, 2024Apr 14, 2024
Volksfestplatz, 90471
Free admission

Folk festivals are a traditional part of German culture and the famous spring fair in Nuremberg is no exception. Taking place in spring each year, the Nuremberg spring folk festival, the second-largest in Bavaria, features all the typical Franconian traditions you could ever want to experience.

The best fairs in Nuremberg

Next to the Christkindlesmarkt, the city’s most celebrated event, fairs are the centre of Nuremberg’s folkloric traditions. With the first Nuremberg Fair taking place back in 1826, the folk festival has gradually grown into a key event for the region. 

The spring folk festival features a full entertainment programme each year, full of novelties, attractions and rides! Throughout the fair, different events will keep visitors diverted and merry, such as the ceremonial tapping of the beer keg, marching parades and brass bands.

If you are looking to sample some regional dishes, you’ve come to the right place, as here you can try everything from Nuremberg sausages and pretzels to Leberkäse sandwiches in the food tent, and local beer in the cool Biergarten. 

Nuremberg’s Spring Folk Festival

In addition to the rich regional food offering and entertainment programme, the fair organisers invite guests from other countries, like China, to come and share unique aspects of their culture with fair visitors. What’s more, the big finale to the end of the fair is a spectacular firework show that lights up with entire southern part of the city. 

For all the parents and children out there, the fair also has a special day for families - when all rides on the carousels, roller coasters and one item at each stand are half price.

Attending Nuremberg Spring Folk Festival

Did you know that the Nuremberg fairs are some of the cleanest and safest in all of Germany? It is the perfect festival for the entire family. For all the details on the Nuremberg Spring Folk Festival, please visit the official Nuremberg Folk Festival website.