Nürnberg Pop Festival

Nürnberg Pop Festival

Oct 07, 2021Oct 09, 2021
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Nürnberg Pop Festival

Music fans, art and culture mavens and festival lovers come together once more this autumn to meet at the largest club and showcase festival in southern Germany, the Nürnberg Pop Festival! This year will be quite different, though, due to the coronavirus pandemic!

Artists performing on eight different festival stages

Typically taking place in a multitude of venues across the old town of Nuremberg, with 60 different artists across two days, this year's edition is more compact - and pandemic-proof. Nürnberg Pop Festival 2021, the event's 11th edition, will take place in several smaller venues. On October 7, the Nuremberg Pop Culture Award GUNDA will be awarded for the first time. Then, 36 artists will perform on eight stages in Nuremberg’s old town on October 8-9, 2021.

Enjoy new music, with Nuremberg as the backdrop

The Nürnberg Pop Festival is a celebration of new, up-and-coming artists as well as established musicians from across the country. Different artists from all genres including indie, rock, folk and pop will be performing in eight locations:

  • Korn's
  • Katharinenruine
  • Club Stereo
  • Hotel Adina
  • Klarakirche
  • Neues Museum
  • Harlem
  • Hinz x Kunz

What's more, the selection of artists performing is complemented by a detailed conference programme which includes lectures, discussions and workshops from music industry leaders, as well as film screenings on pop culture. In addition, the festival includes art exhibitions, theatrical performances and some of the tastiest German beer!

Line up for Nürnberg Pop Festival 2021

Taking place for the 11th time this year, Nürnberg Pop Festival aims to showcase bands and artists they know their fans love, as well as new acts. The line-up for the 2021 edition includes Die Sterne, Fortuna Ehrenfeld, The Mergers, Kaffkiez, Tribe Friday, Nico Laska, Hanna Sikasa, Dr. Umwuchts Tanzpalast,c´est Karma, June Coco, Elena Steri, Leak, Elena Rud, Luisa, Apanorama, Onida, Goodbye Loona, Parabelflug, Skyline Green and more.

Attending Nürnberg Pop Festival 

Are you ready to enjoy some of the best local pop, rock and indie bands in an unforgettable setting? As the Nürnberg Pop Festival takes place primarily in the beautiful old town of Nuremberg, close to the central station, we recommend you travel by public transport. For all the details on the event, head over to the Nürnberg Pop Festival website. If you're attending remotely, then catch the streamed videos on the Nürnberg Pop Festival festival video link.