Online workshop: Investments for expats in Germany

Online workshop: Investments for expats in Germany

Dec 11, 2021
2 pm - 3.30 pm
Free (registration required)

Online workshop: Investments for expats in Germany

Learn how to create a balanced investment portfolio at this free webinar, brought to you by the experts at the HORBACH Expats team! Explore the advantages of owning rental properties, discover alternative investments, and learn how to combine them with your pension and wealth management strategy. 

Investing in Germany made easy

Do you understand the difference between mid- and long-term investments? Do you know what options are available to expats in Germany? What about for your personal situation? Have you been considering purchasing real estate, but are unsure if it’s worth it? Or are you already investing a bit on the side and wanting to add some other instruments to your portfolio? 

Investing can be an intimidating prospect - but it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of help from the HORBACH Expats team, you can finish 2021 with a clear strategy to get your money working for you, whether you already know a little about investing or nothing at all. 

Wealth management and portfolio optimisation

At this free, one-hour webinar, your hosts will take you through the principles of financial planning, focusing on wealth management and portfolio optimisation. The following topics will all be covered: 

  • The differences between mid- and long-term investments
  • Investment opportunities for expats in Germany
  • Insights regarding real estate, alternative investments, and market investments
  • Pension planning and investments
  • How to profit from tax optimisation strategies and subventions
  • Flexible options for those who might relocate again
  • Changes starting in 2022
  • How to craft and enrich a diversified portfolio

The webinar is free but registration is required, so make sure you sign up early

Meet HORBACH Expats

The HORBACH Expats team is pioneering digital multilingual financial services for expats in Germany. They believe financial freedom should be a right, not a privilege. 

You can also make a private appointment with Martina Chalar, who hosts the webinar, via the HORBACH website.