Opera Square Festival

Opera Square Festival

Jun 22, 2022Jul 01, 2022
Opera Square, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Opera Square Festival (Opernplatzfest) is a 10-day culinary celebration on the charming Opera Square in Frankfurt. The festival pays homage to one of the most beautiful plazas in the whole city, gathering people together to enjoy hearty food and live music.

Food tents by the fountain and the Old Opera

The square is decked out with food tents and stalls, and the majestic Old Opera (Alte Oper) provides the backdrop. Punters can find a seat at one of the long communal tables under broad white canopies or gather around the famous Lucae fountain. At night, when the fountain reflects the beautiful, illuminated façade of the opera house, the atmosphere is second to none.

"A culinary celebration on the Opera Square in Frankfurt."

Visitors can enjoy delicious food from all over the world, from Spanish tapas to Japanese sushi as well as, of course, German cuisine. You're bound to find German favourites like Flammkuchen and Bratwurst, and while you're in Frankfurt, why not try out regional specialities like green sauce? Drinks are equally as varied, from Riesling wine and German beer to local apple wine and everything in between!

The stage will feature different piano music from around the world 12pm-2pm each day. From 6pm to 10pm, expect anything from rock, pop, soul, funk, salsa, Schlager, jazz, reggae, dub, ska and more!

Photo: © Holger Ullmann, courtesy of Frankfurt Tourism opera-square-festival-night.jpg

A short history of the Opera Square Festival

The first ever Opera Square Festival occurred in 1978, although back then it was called Lucae Fountain Festival (Lucae-Brunnenfest), celebrating the newly built Lucae Fountain. The Old Opera was actually under refurbishment at the time, having been damaged in the 1944 bombings. It was slowly rebuilt during the 1970s, only finally opening again in the early 1980s. 

The mayor of Frankfurt at the time, Dr Walter Wallmann, was so committed to rebuilding the opera house that he began the festival as a way of thanking the residents and businesses of Opera Square, who had to endure many years of construction works in their locality.

Getting to the Opera Square Festival 

The festival takes place, as the name suggests, on Opera Square, which is easy to reach with public transportation. Take any S-Bahn train to Hauptwache. Then, at Hauptwache, change to U-Bahn lines U6 or U7 and exit at the stop named Alte Oper (Old Opera).

Photo: © Holger Ullmann, courtesy of Frankfurt Tourism opera-square-festival-tents.jpg

Thumb photo: © Holger Ullmann, courtesy of Frankfurt Tourism