Poetry Slam Deluxe

Poetry Slam Deluxe

Jan 20, 2020
Gallusanlage 7, 60329
Admission from 12 euros

Poetry Slam Deluxe

A modern-day word war open to all ages is set to kick off at the famous English Theatre in the city of Frankfurt. The Poetry Slam Deluxe draws in poetry fans and wordsmiths from across Germany, who come to hear the best poets or to take to the stage themselves.

Poetry Slam Deluxe

Modern poetry contest for all

Taking place regularly since 2008, the Poetry Slam Deluxe is a classic event at the English Theatre Frankfurt. A free stage for the spoken word, it enables poetry slammers to come together each month from all corners of Germany, together with moderators and language lovers.

Each edition of the Poetry Slam Deluxe is overseen by Lars Ruppel, slam master. But  as a reinforcement, a selection of new moderators is also introduced to each edition.

The English Theater Poetry Slam

Eva K. [GFDL 1.2 ( or FAL]

Engage in ironic verbal combat

Each poetry slammer is invited to perform their own work before the audience and the moderators. And at the end of the evening, the juror is the audience! The poet with the longest and loudest applause will be named the winner.

The winner of the Poetry Slam Deluxe at the English Theatre Frankfurt will receive a free cocktail from the James Bar, a great way to round off any literary evening. 

Poetry Reading English Theater

Attending Poetry Slam Deluxe at the English Theatre Frankfurt

Ready to hear some of the best linguistic subtleties and ironic verbal lines? For directions on how to get to the English Theatre via public transport, information on the evening or to get your tickets, visit the English Theatre Frankfurt website.