Rhine in Flames in Rüdesheim and Bingen

Rhine in Flames in Rüdesheim and Bingen

Jul 06, 2024
Rhine Gorge, 56329 Sankt Goar
Rudesheim, Bingen
Various prices

Watch the night sky over the Rhine come alive in bursts of flames and lights this summer, as this traditional firework display is one event you shouldn’t miss out on! 

The annual firework show between Trechtingshausen and Bingen / Rüdesheim has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world since 1977, as the Rhine in Flames (Rhein in Flammen) events are inextricably linked with the Middle Rhine Valley. 

What is the Rhine in Flames?

On five nights per year, between the months of May and September, numerous villages, cultural landscapes, castles and the Rheinanlagen parks are brightly illuminated with creative firework displays. Traditionally the first event of the year takes place in Bonn and is followed by further firework shows in Bingen / Rüdesheim, Spay-Koblenz, Oberwesel and St. Goar / St. Goarshausen.

The Rhine in Flames firework show between Trechtingshausen, Bingen and Rüdesheim offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy no fewer than seven gorgeous firework displays light up the sky while cruising through the Rhine Gorge aboard one of 50 illuminated ships.

Programme for Rhine in Flames Rüdesheim and Bingen 2024

The ships set sail from Bingen and Rüdesheim late in the afternoon, drifting by a number of beautiful castles and monuments as they head into the Rhine Gorge. The Rhine Valley, with its numerous fortresses, old toll castles and faded ruins on either side of the Rhine, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002 - and with good reason.

Once the ships convene at the village of Trechtingshausen, the convoy passes under several large firework displays on their return trip to Rüdesheim or Bingen. The Rhine in Flames evening then comes to a thunderous finale, with a grand firework display that is fired from a floating pontoon, before the ships return to their respective starting points at midnight. 

An onshore entertainment programme for attendees is also set up by the Niederwald Monument during the weekend of Rhine in Flames, with live music performances and wine stands from local wineries. 

Getting to Rhine in Flames Rüdesheim and Bingen 

As traffic to both cities will likely be packed, we advise you to plan your trip well in advance! (Especially if you are coming over from neighbouring Frankfurt.) There is a ferry connection between the cities, which will run until approximately 1am. For those travelling via public transportation, a special train service from Frankfurt is usually arranged.

For more details, or to get your tickets to Rhine in Flames in Rüdesheim and Bingen visit the official website.