Schlagermove Parade

Schlagermove Parade

Jul 12, 2019Jul 13, 2019
Heiligengeistfeld Square, St. Pauli, 20359
Free admission to Parade

Schlagermove Parade

If the 1970s is the decade of your choice when it comes to music and aesthetics, then you have to attend this crazy, colourful and fun-loving parade in Hamburg! Up to half a million people participate in an event known as the Schlagermove Parade each year, wearing their best flashy disco pants, bright wigs and bold sunglasses, singing and dancing to cheesy German 70s pop songs.

Schlagermove Parade Hamburg

© Frank Schwichtenberg

Boogie your worries away at the Schlagermove Parade

Widely recognised as the world’s biggest Schlager parade, Schlagermove celebrates the best of this music genre. The ideal way for you to fully immerse yourself in the traditional German party culture, this parade kicks off by St.Pauli’s Heilgengeistfeld Square each summer.

Hundreds of thousands of people come together on Saturday and form a massive parade also known as the "Caravan of Love". Together with 46 colourfully-decorated trucks, they make their way down Helgoländer Avenue, past the famous Landungsbrücken piers and the Fish Market, and across the Reeperbahn, dancing and singing to classic German pop hits. 

Schlagermove Parade

 © Frank Schwichtenberg

Before and After the Schlagermove Parade

If the parade on Saturday isn't enough of a Schlager music feast for you, then no worries - there is always the before and after parties, as the event is surrounded by a weekend full of celebrations!

The Heiligengeistfeld square is transformed into a huge party area for the weekend, with live music performances, DJs and karaoke competitions. Five massive tents are set up for both the warm-up and after-party, with each tent hosting its own full entertainment programme. Admission to the warm-up party on Friday evening is free as always, while party-goers keen on partying after the parade on Saturday will have to purchase tickets on the day.

Attending Schlagermove Parade 2019

So you’re keen to release your inner Schlager party animal in Hamburg this summer? But not sure how to get there using public transportation? Or where the nearest public toilets are for that matter! Be sure to visit the official Schlagermove website for all the details beforehand, so you are fully prepared to shake things up all weekend long.

Thumb: CC by 2.0 Marco Verch