St Patrick's Festival Munich

St Patrick's Festival Munich

Mar 16, 2024Mar 17, 2024

St Patrick's Day is a worldwide celebration of Irish culture, so no surprise that there are many St. Patrick's Day events happening in many German cities. One of the biggest and most important takes place in Munich

The largest St Patrick's Day celebration in Germany

St Patrick's Festival in Munich is outstanding - not only is it the largest St Patrick's Day celebration in Germany, but it's also the biggest in mainland Europe!

While it's easy to find bars and green clothes wherever you are, it may not be as simple to find an exceptional event in which Irish excellence is celebrated through the performing arts and a sense of community.

Global Irish and honorary Irish celebrate St Patrick’s Day together

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) is Ireland’s national holiday and has turned into an annual celebration of Irish culture globally. Celebrations across the world are often held on the closest weekend to the actual day, if St Patrick's Day falls on a weekday. Luckily that's not the case this year: in Munich in 2024, put March 16-17 in your diary as the days to put on your green t-shirt!

It's common to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing something green and socialising with crowds of people, perhaps at your local Irish pub with a German beer. However, it's all the more enjoyable to go one step further and bask in the energetic atmosphere of live music, Irish dancing and singing and letting your imagination transport you to the rocky shores of Ireland. 

St. Patrick's Day in Munich began in 1996 when the Munich Irish Network decided to put on a small event. But instead of the 200 attendees they were expecting, a crowd of over 1.000 showed up! Its popularity has never waned since, attracting hoards of people from the Irish community, locals, expats, families with kids, students and tourists ever since.

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