Street Food Festival

Street Food Festival

Sep 24, 2023Oct 08, 2023
Various locations
Osnabruck, Cologne, Duisburg
Entrance free

Autumn in Germany this year will be enhanced with wonderful aromas, flavours and sounds, as the Street Food Festival takes over the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.

Street Food Festival in different German cities

Since 2014, the Street Food Festival has been organising celebrations of the mobile food truck for a couple of weekends a year, originally centered around Cologne. The organisation now takes their show on the road with various festivals a year, hitting everywhere from Frankfurt and Düsseldorf to Kassel and Karlsruhe.

In autumn 2023, Street Food Festival takes place on the following dates:

  • Cologne - September 22-23
  • Duisburg - September 29-October 1
  • Osnabruck - October 6-8

Fresh ingredients only

To participate in the Street Food Festival, food trucks have to prove that they make their dishes with fresh ingredients by hand – no pre-frozen burgers or french fries here. Many of the trucks make their food right in front of you, with jars of homemade sauces for you to add right there on the side.

Zero waste goals

A mobile food festival with takeaway dishes everywhere could be a recipe for overflowing rubbish bins. However, the Street Food Festival has tackled this problem head-on. All the food trucks use single-use dishes and cutlery from sustainable and renewable sources, and no plastic!

Food to try at Street Food Festival

Everything from churros to South American arepas will be ready for you to taste, as well as some modern takes on classic German dishes. Check the Street Food Festival Instagram account to get your tastebuds watering.

Tips for visiting the Street Food Festival

We would recommend visiting in a group – that way you can all taste a bit of something different! Bring extra napkins yourself, because often the food trucks have limited supplies and eating while standing can get messy!

Bring a beer or two of your own with you, as that’s one less thing to fetch and carry from a stand. Be ready to stand for a while, share a crowded table with some new friends, or sit on the ground to enjoy your food.

For more information about the locations, dates and timings of the tour, visit the official Street Food Festival website.