Webinar: Buying a property in Germany as an expat

Webinar: Buying a property in Germany as an expat

Jul 08, 2024
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Join this upcoming interactive webinar, hosted by the experts at, to learn more about the property buying journey as an expat in Germany! Learn how to secure a mortgage, and how to successfully close a real estate transaction, so you are prepared from the start, can avoid costly mistakes, and achieve your property goals.

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Here’s what you need to know about the webinar:

  • When: Monday, July 8, 2024, at 6pm
  • Where: Online
  • Ideal for: Expats and non-expats who want to learn more about buying property in Germany
  • Language: English
  • Cost: Free (register now!)

Master the German real estate market

Looking to buy a property in Germany and want to understand how the buying process and mortgages work here? Then this webinar is for you! Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to expand your investment portfolio, this webinar provides expats with the essential knowledge and tools to succeed in the German real estate market.

Apart from the process, will also look at real estate trends and market conditions of housing in Germany, as well as the financial intricacies involved in buying a property as an expat. 

Webinar on buying a house in germany

What to expect from the property buying webinar

During the webinar, the hosts will look at a range of topics surrounding the property purchase process in Germany, covering issues such as:

  • Current real estate trends and market conditions in Germany
  • Different mortgage options and how to qualify as an expat
  • The process and financial intricacies involved
  • The steps of the mortgage application process
  • The steps of the property buying process
  • How to prepare yourself as a property buyer
  • Ways to search for and evaluate property options

Understand the market and mortgage options

Navigating the German real estate market can be daunting for expats. In this segment of the webinar, will equip you with essential insights into current trends, legal requirements, and financial considerations, ensuring you're well-prepared to make informed decisions. You will learn about the types of mortgages available for expats, how to qualify for them, and the tax implications and benefits associated with mortgages.

Practical steps and expert insights for property purchase in Germany

Practical guidance and expert advice are essential for a successful property purchase. will cover effective property search techniques, the buying process and strategies to secure the best mortgage, and more. You will gain a clear understanding of the step-by-step buying process, how to negotiate effectively and finalise your purchase. Additionally, there will be an interactive Q&A session for personalised advice.

Get your property questions answered

When signing up, make sure that you let the organisers know if you have any specific questions regarding the property buying process - you can use the message box in the registration form to submit your questions during registration. will include your questions in the presentation, and then give the opportunity to further expand on them in the Q&A section of the webinar. Their mission is to help you understand the process early on in order to make the right choice before buying as an expat in the German market, so join them for the webinar by signing up in advance online.


Your host for this webinar

Daniela is a mortgage and property consultant at Her mission is to help expats in their property journey in Germany. is a licensed mortgage advisor that provides you with a tailored financing concept to fit your individual needs. They also act as your partner throughout the entire real estate process.