Workshop: Pension Planning in Germany 101

Workshop: Pension Planning in Germany 101

Feb 20, 2021
2 pm - 3.30 pm
Free (registration required)

Workshop: Pension Planning in Germany 101

Since you moved to Germany, how many times have you wished you had someone to entrust with your financial affairs? How often have you found yourself trying to make the right decision only to hit a wall and realise you need help? How many times have you despaired because there’s actually a lot more to the system than you initially thought?

Chances are, probably at least once...

This free, one hour webinar could significantly alter the way you go about your finances for the rest of your life

Get the lowdown on financial planning in Germany

When Martina Chalar first moved to Germany and confronted the financial system, she realised she did not have the upper hand. So, she became the person she needed, and then became specialised in financial solutions for expats.

And now she’s offering you the chance to learn from her expertise.

Get free, insider access to the knowledge of financial experts

Investing just one hour of your time in this interactive workshop could significantly alter the way you go about your finances for the rest of your life. Get cost-free access to the insider knowledge of financial advisors specialised in the needs of expat communities in Germany.

You can expect to learn about the following in the workshop:

  • Germany’s social security system (and its shortcomings)
  • Addressing personal gaps
  • How to profit from tax optimisation strategies and subventions
  • Flexible options for those that might relocate again

Plus, each participant will receive an email in advance with further details and exclusive content to accompany the workshop. Make sure you sign up early! The workshop is completely free but registration is required to receive the webinar link.

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Meet HORBACH Expats

Pioneers in providing digital multilingual financial services, HORBACH Expats is an independent financial consultancy. Their team of Munich-based specialists offer impartial support, custom-made financial plans and flexible possibilities for expats in Germany. They believe that financial freedom should be a right, not a privilege.

You can contact HORBACH at any time via email, follow them on Instagram, or reach out to them on LinkedIn.