Life coaches in Germany

Life coaches in Germany

Life coaches in Germany

Are you going through a stressful (personal or business) life situation, or suffering from traumatic experiences or painful thoughts? Are the demands and constant changes of expat life in Germany making you feel depressed, confused, hopeless, or anxious?

Therapy / counselling in a safe and confidential environment can help you with your personal and / or career problems. Consult an experienced personal and life coach, specialised in training internationals, to improve mental, physical and social health and empower mind, body and spirit consciousness.

  • I coach people who want to achieve their goals with wellness, focusing on the expat community. I will give you tools to be autonomous and develop your whole being. I also provide wellness-courses for expats and non-expats.

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  • Change can be challenging, no matter how much you look forward to it. I am a Life & Vision Coach, and I am here for you when things get overwhelming. By listening carefully, asking the right questions, using my spirituality and my knowledge we will find the way that is best for you.

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  • I want you to find more happiness and purpose in your life and career. As a certified coach, I help you get clarity of what it is you really want, so that you can live a life on your terms. I’ll work with you on a positive mindset and a mindful and gentle way of life.

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  • Life abroad is challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to discover and redefine yourself. Reach the next level of self-awareness and implement strategies with my support. Try a free initial session to find clarity, embrace change, and start living intentionally.

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  • Would you like to have more self-confidence and to unleash your potential? As a psychologist (M.Sc.), I'd like to help you to develop a positive mindset and to strengthen your resources in everyday life. Let's practice to be kind to your mind: Be you. Be happy.

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  • You are an expat/expat partner? You are looking for orientation of what that means for you and your life? I’ve been there, done that. And I learned that it is possible to create the life for yourself that you want if you reflect on your experiences and take time for yourself. I would love to support you on this journey and help you bring more joy into your life.

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  • Are you looking for solutions to challenges in your life as an expat? Having grown up in 4 different countries and as an experienced life and business coach I am looking forward to resolving issues in the way of your current life with you. My sessions are available online and in Munich. 

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