Pandemic pets are filling up animal shelters in Germany

Pandemic pets are filling up animal shelters in Germany

Pets adopted or purchased during the peak of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 are now filling up animal shelters in Germany at alarming rates, according to a new report. Several animal shelters in different German cities such as Berlin and Nuremberg are now forced to turn away animals in need due to overcrowding.

Animal shelters in Germany struggling with overcrowding 

According to the German Animal Welfare Association, many shelters in Germany are struggling with overcrowding. "We're full to the roof," said Nuremberg animal shelter manager Tanja Schnabel to Stern

Many shelters, such as the one Schnabel works for in Nuremberg, are being forced to turn away animals in need because they have already taken in the maximum number of dogs, cats and small animals they can house. One of the striking things about the newest members of the shelter is that there is an unusually high number of young dogs, compared to previous years.

Many animals handed to shelters as owners struggle to handle them

One of the reasons for so many young dogs entering shelters is down to the fact that some new owners find the animals difficult to handle, especially as they are getting older. 

"People probably brought little puppies into the house over the course of the coronavirus pet boom, but they haven't done the necessary upbringing work. Later on, when the dog reaches puberty, they are completely overwhelmed by the young dog," Beate Kaminski from the Berlin animal shelter told Stern.                             



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