[Video] 3 simple ways to enjoy the beaches of Rügen Island

[Video] 3 simple ways to enjoy the beaches of Rügen Island

Germany has beaches - who knew? When I first got to see them, it was not what I expected. Long stretches of white sand, turquoise water, and incredible seafood cuisine. You might think I’m talking about the Mediterranean, but I’m actually describing the breathtaking experience of Germany’s Baltic coast. 

We drove up north to see the island of Rügen, and spent most of our time at the seaside resort town Binz. With so many great things to see and do, I’ve narrowed it down to this simple guide to help you enjoy your time on Germany’s biggest island. 

1. Relax

Did I mention there are beaches? If your dream vacation involves little to no movement (mine does), rent a picture perfect recliner and relax on the infamous Binz Beach (Binzer Strand). You’ll find plenty of space to spread your towel on this 5-kilometre-long stretch of white sand. 

It’s also worth mentioning that there are dedicated areas for dogs and nudists at opposite ends of the beach, which are clearly signposted. The main Seebad Binz pier is also a great spot for pictures and sunsets on the dock. 

2. Play

There’s almost too many attractions to see in just a short trip to Rügen Island. My highlights included taking the street train (Prora Express) to the Naturerbe Zentrum, the Granitz Hunting Lodge, and seeing the famous white chalk cliffs. 

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, I would visit the Sand Sculpture Festival to see themed sand exhibits. Rügen has attractions for all ages including the Rügener Insel Brauerei, for those who want to get their drink on, and Karl's Strawberry Village for kids.

3. Eat

It would be a shame if you didn’t try the excellent Baltic seafood on Rügen Island, but it would be absolutely heartbreaking if you didn’t try the Sanddornbeeren (sandberries). This special fruit is very popular on the island, and can be served as a delicious cocktail, candy, or even in ice cream. 

For the perfect blend, I recommend the Andalö-Splish cocktail (a mixture of Andalö-Sanddorn Likör, prosecco and soda) which can be found at just about any beach bar or restaurant on the pier.  



Ever been to Rügen? What did you like best about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Daniel Taylor

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