[Video] 7 more things you absolutely shouldn't do in Germany

[Video] 7 more things you absolutely shouldn't do in Germany

Chances are, you’ve probably been in Germany for a while by now, and have already gotten to know some of the cultural do’s and don’ts of the Bundesrepublik. But, as an international in a foreign country, it can be easy to miss some of the more niche cultural expectations, especially in social situations. 

How to fit in in Germany

Many expats spend hours researching what they should do to fit in in Germany - particularly those who are seeking to gain German citizenship - by learning the language, studying the country’s history and finding out how to cook delicious German food. However, it is easy to neglect the other important side of the coin - the things you’d never catch a German doing! 

Although jaywalking, not making eye contact while toasting, and being noisy on a Sunday are perfectly normal behaviours in many countries, in Germany, they are three examples of things that expats and internationals should absolutely avoid!

Fortunately, Easy German has put together this quick crash-course video to save you from committing these seven cultural crimes and making a German social faux pas!

Video credit: YouTube / Easy German



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