IT’S July: The new platform for families looking for friends

IT’S July: The new platform for families looking for friends


Have you heard about Tinder for families? Yes, you read that right! There is a new platform in the social networking arena designed specifically for families. It will help you find your family match, no matter where in the world you are. Looking for new family friends in the city? You’ve come to the right place. 

IT’S July: Helping you make connections as a family

Making new and meaningful social connections as a family is not easy. It requires a lot of time and effort, and in a world where everyone is busy juggling work, kids and household chores, there is barely enough time to plan leisure activities, let alone set aside time to seek out and cultivate meaningful connections. 

This goes to the extreme when being an expat family - new to the country, new to the city, trying to get everything together and settle in, while also trying to help the kids find their new social network, finding someone to hang out with can be hard.  

What if you could easily find your family match anywhere in the world?

IT’S July is a new match-making platform for families! It enables families to establish new friendships, explore different cultures and create unique and special experiences for and with their children. With IT’S July, families can make empowered connections with like-minded families anywhere in the world. 

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How does it work?

Interested? Here’s how you can get started with IT’S July: 

1. Create a family profile

First things first, to help the IT’S July AI smart engine find your proper match, you must have a family profile. The more information you add, the higher the chance your matches will be accurate. 

2. Filter by destination

Once you have your family profile, you can filter your matches by destination. Want to meet new family friends in Berlin? Make sure you filter by country / city at the very top of your screen. 

3. Find your match and connect!

Now that you see your matches you can approach them directly. Send them a message via IT’S July and they will be notified. Want to message more than one family? Sure, why not? IT’S July appreciates social people who are looking for lots of friends. 

How is the matching being done?  its july screenshot

IT’S July is an AI-powered matchmaker that uses algorithms to find the best matches between families. It analyses the information from the family’s profile to give personalised results. For every family opening a profile, the system collects dozens of profile attributes and preferences to help it present the perfect match. 

A great solution for expat families

Thousands of families across the globe have already joined IT’S July, and families are being matched to share new experiences together every day. 97 percent of expat families on the platform found new friends in their new city through IT’S July and said they would recommend the platform to a friend. 

Want to learn more about IT’S July? You can do it via their website, Facebook or Instagram



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