New night train to start between Berlin and Stockholm

New night train to start between Berlin and Stockholm

There might be no better feeling than getting on a plane or train, falling asleep and waking up at your destination. Berliners will get the opportunity to experience that feeling this summer when the new night train to Stockholm starts rolling.

All aboard the night train to Stockholm!

During the summer months, a new night train will start running between Berlin and Stockholm, stopping at Hamburg and Copenhagen along the way. The first train left Berlin at 6:54 PM on Monday and arrived in Stockholm at 2:20 PM the next day. The train then left the Swedish capital at around 4:20 PM, travelling back to Berlin.

The train will run every day until September 4. After that, four or five trips will run every week until the end of November.

Germany helping to improve rail connections across Europe

The route is operated by Snälltåget, the Swedish subsidiary of Transdev, a French railway company. “We want to offer passengers new opportunities to get to know neighbouring European cities in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way," said Tobias Heinemann, the spokesman for the Transdev management in Berlin.

The train, which is the first regular night train to run between Germany, Denmark, and Sweden since the 1990s, runs on electricity from sustainable sources. It also boasts reclining seats, a dining car, and bedrooms for up to six people. The German Federal Ministry of Transport considers the train to be included in the TransEuropeExpress (TEE 2.0) project, which aims to create a rail network between Europe’s big cities.

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