Naked Berlin sunbather chases wild boar after it steals his laptop

Naked Berlin sunbather chases wild boar after it steals his laptop

This could only possibly be a story in Germany. A wild boar broke the internet this week when it stole a bag containing a laptop from a naked sunbather - who promptly gave chase in his birthday suit. Pictures below… 

Wild boar hunt in a birthday suit

Germany is famous for both its large population of wild boars, and its penchant for naked sunbathing - two things which collided in spectacular fashion earlier this week, when a naughty wild boar stole a yellow bag from a man who was letting it all hang out at Teufelssee, a lake in the west of Berlin

Thankfully, fellow sunbathers were on hand to capture the scene when the unlucky sunbather sprang up in pursuit of the boar - without stopping to grab his pants. Adele Landauer shared the pictures on Facebook - with the consent of the man in question, who was thankfully able to see the funny side to his predicament. 

Nature strikes back

In the caption, Landauer writes, “Nature strikes back! Wild boar hunt at Teufelsee!” In the comments, she reveals that the story does have a happy ending: the man “made some noise”, causing the sow to drop the bag. 

It seems this boar messed with the wrong guy. 



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