Income Share Agreements: Become a web developer and pay only when you’re hired

Income Share Agreements: Become a web developer and pay only when you’re hired


Young people often have a hard time entering the work market because many universities prepare you for professions that are on their way out, and it’s not always easy to sustain the cost of training courses.

But thousands of young people have already seized the unprecedented opportunity offered by the tech world and decided to change their lives, specialising in one of the most stable and in-demand professions of the coming decades: the web developer.

Work from anywhere and earn well

Whether you decide to found your own start-up, mix gigs as a freelancer or go full-time as a company employee, you’ll have plenty of options open to you. There are nowhere near enough developers to fill the 100.000 new positions that open every year.

Professionals with less than two years’ experience earn an average yearly salary of 25.000 euros, while senior professionals earn around 5.000 euros per month. 

Using income share agreements to fund web development courses

Equipping yourself with the right skills to become a web developer has never been so accessible. That’s because nowadays young people have another opportunity: the Income Share Agreement. This formula allows them to start studying, find a job and pay in small instalments based on their future salary. Lots of schools, like EPICODE (a career acceleration platform based in Italy and Germany), follow this model, allowing students to embark on a profession cost-free and thus reduce the risks linked to their initial investment.

With EPICODE, you can start a 100% online course and take it wherever you want. After just three months, you’ll have the opportunity to do stimulating and well-paid work. In tech, it’s easy to choose your job because demand is high and companies have trouble filling all their vacancies.

EPICODE: Pay when you start earning (it really is that simple)

Choosing the Income Share Agreements means choosing valid financial support for your education. It’s easy: just enrol in EPICODE’s Web Developer course and start studying without paying a cent.

The ISA means you start repaying only after you complete your studies, with a small percentage based on your salary, spread over a limited period of time.

Seize your opportunity

No degree or specific skills are required to join most EPICODE bootcamps. All it takes is to be willing to put yourself out there and be able to learn how to:

  • Build dynamic websites.
  • Create complex web applications like Facebook, YouTube and Gmail.
  • Use front-end and back-end frameworks: HTML, CSS, PHP, Angular, Laravel. For now, they’re just unfamiliar names and acronyms but, by the end of the course, you’ll know what they are and how to use them.
  • Interact with databases and ensure they never crash.

epicode classes online

The EPICODE teaching method

The EPICODE teaching method revolves around having students practise problem-solving skills with lots of technical tests, preparing them to face all kinds of work challenges. As well as having your own personal coach, you’ll learn from international speakers with live, online classes.

An EPICODE course helps you enhance your skills and experiences to build up an impressive portfolio that will give you the opportunity to grow and find your dream job. 

epicode graduates

Now’s your chance to change your life

So what are you waiting for? Become an EPICODER and pay only when you’re hired, thanks to the income sharing agreement. It’s the perfect chance to attend an epic training course without having to pay a cent upfront.



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