Work at Home | Multiple Phone Calls - German Language


We are looking for speakers of German to participate in our Multiple Phone Calls Project in Germany.


TELUS International AI (“TIAI”) is seeking German speakers for the Multiple Phone Calls Project ("Project"). TIAI is collecting the information on behalf of a non-affiliated customer of TIAI, as described below. The purpose of this project is to gather data, used for the development of AI technology. To submit your registration, please complete the form and upload a short voice sample. Only selected participants will be contacted.



Participants are requested to make 7 phone calls in German (Germany), calling toll-free numbers in their country on various days using 2 different devices and discussing scenarios (e.g. travel, healthcare) provided by TELUS International AI. Each phone call is approx. 4-7 minutes. There are no real conversations during the calls. Participants will be asked to leave voicemails only and come up with a natural speech by themselves to cover assigned scenarios.


Task duration: Estimated time to complete the whole task is approximately 1 hour.


Expected Project Duration: February 2023




- Fluent or Native Speaker of German (Germany)

- Age 18 and more

- Located in Germany

- Access to 2 of the following technologies for the duration of the call: Landline phone, mobile phone, VOIP app (e.g. Skype)

- Participants might be asked to create a Skype (or other VOIP app) account for the purpose of the project.

- Only one time participation is allowed

- Only assigned participant can complete the task



Interested? Click the link to apply:


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