Senior Games Engineer

Creative / Design

You’ll get the possibility to break new grounds and create unseen experiences for the new holoride platform. We are looking for a creative mind who is keen on designing game architectures for a completely new landscape. 

You will collaborate with Visual Designers, UX Research, Product Development, and Engineers to create user experiences that surprise and delight. You should be able to advocate for the team’s ideas and help to bring those ideas to market. You will join projects at varying stages of production, ranging from rapid prototyping to delivering performance and scalable production experiences. 


  • 5+ years of creative engineering specific experience
  • Portfolio showing a diverse range of games or interactive applications with a variety of technologies used
  • Excellence in Game Engine engineering (Unity3D / Unreal) and shipping cross-platform applications
  • Passion for emerging technologies and product development
  • Experience Shader Development (e.g. Shader Graph, Material Editor)
  • Experience with Compute Shader
  • Strong understanding of Game Engine toolchains

Salary Benefits:

  • The possibility to work on the future of in-car entertainment and collaborate with beloved global brands from automotive, entertainment and tech
  • The opportunity to take on responsibility for your own projects and ideas, and see the immediate impact of your work
  • The flexibility in designing your preferred working style, i.e. equipment, preferred OS, etc.
  • An attractive office in the middle of Munich 
  • A great remote culture, which allows you to be very flexible
  • An international, ambitious, and diverse team of experts and highly engaged peers
  • A supportive and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, encourages collaboration, embraces creativity, and offers you a space to thrive by being yourself
  • An attractive compensation based on your experience
  • Virtual shares in the company as part of the total compensation package to financially benefit from holorides growth curve
Work Experience:

3-5 Years

Work Hours:

40 hours per week

About the company:

We are an Audi-backed, multi-award-winning startup working at the intersection of mobility and Extended Reality (XR). By synchronizing the contents of XR devices with external influences such as acceleration, steering, and navigational data, we are creating a never-before-seen passenger experience.

Application Procedure:
  1. Apply via Email
  2. HR Interview
  3. Technical Task and Discussion
  4. CEO meet