5 reasons to choose an international school with an IB focus

5 reasons to choose an international school with an IB focus

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An international school education is second to none. Not only do students learn in an environment with peers, faculty and staff from around the world, but also use programmes supported by the International Baccalaureate (IB) organisation. The International School of Düsseldorf give their 5 top reasons why you should choose an international school to support your child’s university preparation. 

For over 52 years, IB programmes have supported students to grow into curious and responsible world citizens. At their core, these programmes are about giving children the tools they need to flourish, while at the same time inspiring them to make a difference in the world beyond the classroom.

There are many benefits to choosing a school with an IB programme. Here, we list five significant features of the IB that will help prepare your child for their next steps after school. 

1. It offers academic breadth and depth

Students who graduate with an IB diploma report feeling prepared for the rigours of university coursework. The IB helps students develop strong skills in critical reasoning, creative problem solving and time management. Of course, these are valuable skills in any work or study setting, but especially relevant at university. 

2. The IB creates independent learners and strong writers

Students who are part of an IB programme at an international school are encouraged to think independently and critically, and to find their own voice. Through enquiry-based learning, students think through issues and create solutions after thoughtful research and inquiry. Students who graduate with an IB diploma are required to perform independent research as part of an in-depth 4.000-word extended essay.

3. It creates an international mindset

Through classroom discussions, travel experiences and acquiring languages, an international education fosters an environment in which students develop a diverse world view as well as an appreciation for people and cultures all around the globe. An international mindset is a crucial asset in today’s globalised world, and can help students stand out in university applications. 

4. The IB encourages critical thinking

A crucial part of the IB programmes in international schools is learning inquisitiveness and interpretation. Students are encouraged to analyse, connect, reflect, synthesise, assess, question and reason as part of their daily learning. Over time, these skills become second nature and, ultimately, help students stand apart from their peers. 

5. It provides meaningful experiences beyond the classroom

The concept of service to others, both locally and globally, is a cornerstone of the IB programmes. Service is neither taught nor learned in isolation; rather, students engage with their local communities in trash clean-ups, climate change action and more. And, as students grow and learn, their experiences can span the globe and directly impact communities for the better. 

Upon graduation, students who have experienced an education as part of an international school with an IB focus are equipped with skills and aptitudes to tackle the global challenges they will face. In our rapidly changing world - a world that is digitally connected and in which all knowledge is available within seconds - students are equipped with the passion and courage to keep on learning throughout life and the creativity to dream of a better world, wherever their future may take them. 

The International School of Düsseldorf has proudly offered the International Baccalaureate programme since 1978. Students from age three through to grade 12 can receive an international education – with over 55 nationalities represented – while studying an IB curriculum. 

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