Become a leader and thrive in an uncertain world with RSM GEMBA

Become a leader and thrive in an uncertain world with RSM GEMBA


The last three years have seen our world shaken by global crises, as the pandemic exposed great vulnerabilities in our independent structures, supply chains and systems, as well as deep inequalities and the distribution of wealth and resources. 

We are living through a socio-political and business climate that is more uncertain than it has ever been. Now more than ever, threats to the world’s stability create yet more uncertainty ahead for leaders, organisations and communities. Meanwhile, digital disruption advances indomitably, reshaping our industries, our markets, and the way that we work, live and connect with one another.

An uncertain world requires a new style of leadership

This new environment - which brings with it both new risks and opportunities - presents a major challenge to decision-makers. It calls for the ability to think fast, and to think strategically; the flexibility to react to change while keeping focus on the big picture and the entirety of the ecosystem. And that calls for a profound re-think of your purpose and values, the goals and the strategy of your organisation.

Leading uncertainty also means aligning and mobilising people, inspiring them to bring their whole selves to the work ahead; and empowering them with the resilience to adapt, to respond and to engage with change head-on.

The RSM Global Executive MBA teaches students how to think flexibly in a changing world

Perhaps more than anything, leading this kind of uncertainty means having the courage to take risks and to lead with integrity. To be wholly responsible for your impact on the people, the stakeholder community, and the social, economic and natural context in which you and your organisation operate.

In this climate of acute uncertainty, we need a new kind of leadership: leadership that integrates the skills, the awareness and the courage to deliver a better future for all. So the question is: do you have what you need to become the kind of leader that we deserve?

Become a leader with the RSM Global Executive MBA

The new RSM Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) has been created with just these challenges in mind. It helps its students better understand complex challenges, their implications and the difficult decisions modern leaders must take to keep their organisations on track. This is a 21-month learning journey that will transform you as a leader and as a human being.

The RSM GEMBA will ground you in all of the core disciplines of strategic leadership

Drawing fully on RSM's world-class faculty expertise and deep understanding of the challenges ahead, this is a programme unlike any other. The RSM GEMBA will ground you in all of the core disciplines of strategic leadership. From global marketing and operations management to global strategy, from financial accounting to decision analysis to global corporate governance and more, you will build the advanced understanding and the competencies to lead people, teams and organisations in a complex and shifting globalised business environment.

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Together with RSM, you will also zoom in on the critical areas of expertise that you will need to develop. Through hands-on, experiential learning modules you will translate theory into practice in the arenas of leading digital transformation, entrepreneurship and venturing, corporate strategy and development, and leading with impact in developing markets. And you will customise your own learning journey by choosing from a breadth of next-generation elective courses, expertly geared to advance your strategic understanding and broaden your expertise.

Realise your full potential with RSM

Your personal leadership development is placed front and centre throughout the whole of the programme. With the fullest support of the RSM faculty, coaches and peers, you will explore the practices, routines and responsibilities that distinguish effective and responsible leaders. And you will create your own, personalised leadership development plan that will help you accede to the skills and attitudes of a world-class strategic leader.

You will emerge with what you need to think fast and strategically, to take the right risks, to inspire, align and mobilise your people for the future. And to lead through uncertainty, with clarity and confidence.

Take the next step towards becoming the leader that you deserve to be and meet RSM in Amsterdam on May 11. Their team will be waiting to answer your questions and connect you with other senior decision-makers who, like you, understand that our future depends on a new kind of leadership.



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