Leading beyond managing: What tomorrow’s executives need to push forward

Leading beyond managing: What tomorrow’s executives need to push forward


What do tomorrow’s managers need to become effective leaders? And how can further education help you to push your career forward? TUM School of Management has found an answer: cutting-edge executive MBA programs that combine pioneering research with practical industry knowledge to help students broaden their mindsets and networks. 

The world is changing. Gone are the days when managers were solely expected to lead. In fact, those who want to play a decisive role in shaping the future and be the best prospects for top industry positions must not only challenge their personal development and leadership skills but also understand the technical foundations and innovations of digitalisation. 

The part-time Executive MBA programs at the Triple Crown accredited TUM School of Management focus precisely on this. Within the framework of three independent higher education programs, TUM Executive MBA students are equipped with evidence-based education and tools to face the challenges of tomorrow. 

How can an MBA help future leaders evolve?

Anyone who holds a position of responsibility and is thinking about expanding their own skills in a targeted manner is usually confronted with one key problem: How do I reconcile my job with further education that really helps me evolve at a professional and personal level? 

With its three Executive MBAs, which are offered part-time and in English, the Technical University of Munich has found an answer. Whether you are an experienced IT expert aiming for higher management tasks, a project manager or founder wanting to shape new opportunities and drive innovation, or a responsible executive looking to take on more strategic tasks, all three programs combine cutting-edge research with profound practical industry expertise and take up where learning-by-doing reaches its limits in everyday professional life.

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In constant exchange with outstanding lecturers, experts, and like-minded fellow students, participants not only broaden their mindsets, but also their networks. As part-time Executive MBA students, they develop new perspectives and personal goals while profiting from unexpected synergies with people who tick just like they do. 

Introducing the TUM Executive MBAs

Which of the three TUM Executive MBAs is the best fit in each individual case depends strongly on the respective goals as well as professional and academic backgrounds. 

The Executive MBA

For those who want to hone their leadership skills and grow as a responsible manager, the Executive MBA is a perfect fit. With a modular structure and electives which can be customised in different specialisation fields, the program provides strategic expertise, examines the various aspects of decision-making, and includes a study trip to Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. 

The Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation

For those who are ready to explore and challenge their own business ideas or corporate projects in a safe space, the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation is the perfect match. Whether you're a project manager, business developer, or aspiring entrepreneur, this is where forward-thinkers learn the ropes of innovation management. In addition, all students can look forward to a trip to the renowned University of California, Berkeley. 

The Executive MBA in Business & IT

And what about the architects of digitisation and the ones looking to lead digital transformation initiatives? The Executive MBA in Business & IT is dedicated to them. Designed for experienced IT professionals, technical experts and digital managers, the program builds a bridge between technical expertise and the communication skills required to lead. With the program taking place at both the TUM School of Management in Munich as well as at the Institute of Information Management at the University St. Gallen, participants benefit from studying at two Triple Crown accredited business schools. In addition, they can also look forward to a study trip to sunny California. 

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Act on your aspirations

Sounds tailor-made for your aspirations? Then find out more today about your program of choice, join other like-minded professionals, grow your managerial leadership skills, expand your network and set the foundation to thrive in your current or future roles: 

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