Lingoda: A leading online language school bringing the world closer

Lingoda: A leading online language school bringing the world closer


Learning a new language has never been easier with Lingoda's live online classes. Whether you want to improve your German, French, Spanish or English skills, Lingoda offers expertly designed monthly courses taught by professional, native-level teachers. With the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, Lingoda provides a perfect balance of convenience and quality education.

Lingoda classes are available 24 / 7 so you can learn at your own pace

The Lingoda method: Enhancing language skills through human interaction

Lingoda’s live classes prioritise human interaction and maximise conversation time. Led by native-level teachers, the small group classes have a maximum of five students, ensuring everyone gets ample opportunities to speak and receive individual attention. Personalised feedback helps students improve their language skills effectively.

Each lesson focuses on different aspects of speaking, reading, grammar, and vocabulary and is tailored to reflect students’ real-life experiences. So whether you’re learning a language to experience a new culture or have moved abroad for a new job, Lingoda’s curriculum will teach you the essential language skills you need to speak comfortably and confidently in any situation. 

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Schedule your classes with ease with Lingoda’s user-friendly platform

As an online language school, Lingoda provides a smooth and streamlined platform for students to reserve and attend classes. You can choose how often you want to learn from either 5, 12, 20 or 40 classes per month. 

Once you have an active monthly plan, you can easily browse classes, filter them by time and day, and book your spot with a single click. Lingoda classes are available 24 / 7, allowing students from any time zone to participate conveniently. All classes take place on Zoom, making it accessible and easy to join.

Additionally, outside of the 60-minute classes, students gain access to a wealth of supplementary exercises and homework, enabling them to further enhance their language skills at their own pace. The advantage of choosing an online language school means you get the benefits of live classes with real teachers mixed with the convenience of online classes and educational resources at your fingertips. 

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Lingoda: A leading online language school bringing the world closer

Founded in Berlin in 2013, Lingoda has become one of the top online language schools worldwide. With over 100.000 students and more than 1.500 qualified, native-level teachers, Lingoda is dedicated to providing convenient and accessible language education. Their mission is to build bridges around the world through language learning, fostering inclusion and addressing humanity's challenges.

Embracing a communicative approach to language acquisition, Lingoda believes in mastering a language by speaking it with confidence. Their CEFR-focused learning materials, designed by linguistic experts, delve into meaningful topics applicable to students' interests, careers, and everyday lives. By rotating teachers and participating in small group classes, students encounter different regional accents and expressions within the same language, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Start your language learning journey with Lingoda today

When it comes to online language learning, Lingoda stands out as the ultimate choice. Offering flexible schedules, professional teachers, personalised attention, and a user-friendly platform, Lingoda caters to individuals seeking high-quality language education. 

Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your language skills, Lingoda's monthly courses provide an engaging, interactive, and immersive learning experience. Unlock a world of opportunities; start your language learning journey with Lingoda today!



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